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Superannuation Advice Sunshine Coast

When it comes to superannuation advice for Sunshine Coast clients, the first thing we will tell you is that you are fortunate to live in Australia. We have one of the best superannuation retirement funding schemes in the world, thanks to Paul Keating’s visionary changes to employment policies in the 1980s.

The second advice we will offer is get on top of your super from a very young age. It is the best, forced saving scheme you will ever have, helping you enjoy a comfortable and quite likely, an early retirement. Let’s face it, superannuation guarantee rate of 10% of your income is not bad. By starting early, you will reap the benefits of time and accumulation.

The third — and perhaps the most important advice is – even though you can’t touch it — it’s your money! Be smart about how you use it as it will give you much greater choices in life.

And finally — superannuation can be a very tax efficient vehicle for saving for retirement, reducing your tax obligations quite considerable if you earn above certain incomes or sell an asset.

Our Superannuation Services

Guide Financial works with clients of any age and financial situation (employees, self-employed or business owners), to help them set up their super for success and make the most of their superannuation fund.

Services and advice we provide around super include:

  • Establishing a single superfund to be your one fund for life with low admin fees. This can make a big difference to your end balance. See Power of Cooperation for how we provide low management fees.

  • Investment strategies for your superannuation according to your investment goals and risk profile. We have great flexibility in investing your super into diversified assets to help drive growth and reserve capital as required.
  • Annual review of your contributions to your superfund and its annual growth.

  • How to secure affordable, low-cost personal insurance through your superfund.

  • Advice for businesses and director super payments.

  • Identify super contribution strategies you can make within your business or salary to reduce your tax and maximise the capital in your fund, e.g. spousal super payments.

  • How to manage your transition to retirement, accumulation and pension phases, allocation of your superfunds, rollovers etc. and related paperwork.

  • Concessions, annuities, preservation and all the options and legalities that exist when it comes to super — in short we demystify things for you.

  • Divorce and super.

  • Self-Managed Superfunds – we can advise if appropriate for you.

Superannuation Performance

Ensuring your superannuation has strong growth as well as regular contributions is fundamental to ensuring you reaching your retirement savings goals.

Since 1 July 2021 the Australian federal government has implemented an online tool where you can compare the performance of industry super fund alongside others. Industry superfunds are generally default funds employers pay into for employees that haven’t chosen a super fund. The main purpose of this reporting is for the government to give notice to poor performing superfunds (and their members) that they need to lift their performance – otherwise they will not be able to accept any more contributions. While this is a good practice in terms of transparency and accountability — the government site does not track all funds.

Our superannuation funds under management through the AAN financial licence are quite considerable, however they do not appear on the government ATO List because our funds are not industry funds. That said, we can report that our various funds since inception have delivered an average rate of return (after fees) of between 10 and 12% per annum. See here for the latest annual return figures.(scroll down the page). Our clients are quietly delighted about that and the nest eggs they are creating.

Our advice to anyone is to care about the fund your super money is invested in, its growth and fees. Come, talk to us about that.

For sound Superannuation Advice on the Sunshine Coast book an appointment today.

I found all the people at Guide Financial to be very easy and confident in their field of expertise, which is very assuring when it comes to your hard earned money. Marc and Bradley have come a long way in their business, and this is due to their good business ethic.


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