Retirement Planning

Making Work Optional

Retirement Planning — Sunshine Coast Specialists

It is never too early to begin retirement planning to enjoy life on the Sunshine Coast or your dream retirement location. Knowing what the end game looks like is essential for building the right investment strategies for your portfolio and superannuation.

At Guide Financial we work with hundreds of clients on the Sunshine Coast to help them plan a comfortable retirement that still ensures they can enjoy the things in life they always have.

Can I afford to stop working? And, if not, when will it be an option?

These questions aren’t unusual and for many Australians the real frustration is not knowing the answers. You want to be able to stop working when it suits you without having to worry about money.

Having to significantly drop your standard of living in retirement should not be necessary if you have a plan that answers these questions. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to make up the gap between your current long-term savings and the nest egg you require to provide the retirement income you desire.

We help you make an informed decision about when is the right time for you to retire, and to ensure you retire to live life the way you want to live.

Retirement is the next stage of your journey, not the destination and we want you to enjoy it. We will be the ones worrying about investment returns and managing the risks that occur in all asset classes – and we will be there to provide sound measured advice on maintaining your lifestyle. Life will always throw up surprises that need to be managed.

The first step is designing your ‘Retirement Plan’. Setting realistic goals and timelines around your ‘Retirement Date’ means you need to know how much money you will need and what sort of income you will require. With proper retirement planning you will be amazed at what can be achieved  in a relatively short time and the impact that this will have on your standard of living in retirement.

Use Retirement Planning to your Advantage

At Guide Financial our retirement planning services for Sunshine Coast clients includes advice on: 

  • Salary packaging to boost your super

  • Your transitioning to retirement stage

  • What you need to be doing from 55 onwards

  • Whether to pay off debts, use super-lump sum super payments to pay off debts or progressively sell assets

  • How to manage superannuation with your life partner to your advantage

  • What government subsidies you are entitled to once you hit retirement age – irrespective of your wealth

  • The impact of deeming on your assets

  • Taxation in retirement

  • Advice on any paperwork you need to complete

  • How you personally move into retirement – see below –  and much more

Guiding you on how to move into retirement

Rather than just setting a retirement date, we help guide you into retirement. This could be advice to move to part time or casual work, or to ease back in other ways before all out retiring.

Some people can feel lost without a job or their work identity or associated social contacts. We help you take steps towards developing a lifestyle, interests and connections that you can enjoy in retirement. For many people, the guidance we provide in this area is key to transitioning to retirement with confidence.

Don’t put off your retirement planning any longer. Come and talk to us about your plans and let us help you realise them.

I found all the people at Guide Financial to be very easy and confident in their field of expertise, which is very assuring when it comes to your hard earned money. Marc and Bradley have come a long way in their business, and this is due to their good business ethic.


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