Setting Financial Goals

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Financial Goals — Clarity & Commitment

Understanding and articulating your financial goals is a powerful step towards creating the future you want.

For us, helping clients define their financial goals starts with a bigger conversation around life goals.
In fact, be it with a new client or an existing one, at Guide we always start our conversations around goals, because sometimes the goals or priorities can change. What are your goals? They can be personal, financial, travel, family, home, study, health or even work-related. Every aspect of your life has an impact on your finances.

Take a moment to think about your finances.

  • When you think about money what is your biggest concern?

  • How do you currently make financial decisions?

  • When you dream of the future what do you see?

  • How do you know whether you are on track to the future you desire?

Don’t live with uncertainty!

Simplify your financial complexities, by breaking them down and taking the time to set financial goals. Don’t dismiss a goal because you don’t know how to achieve it.

That’s where we come in. At Guide, we build peace of mind and certainty through assisting you to consider, articulate and record your goals and then work with you on your journey to attain them.

We can also provide a reality check on what’s attainable within certain time periods. This is important for several reasons. We want you to be clear on what’s manageable, because when it comes to finances you can’t always go hard and fast. We also don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by your goals.
We want to help you make headway and celebrate the milestones as you achieve them.

Why involve us in your financial goals?

People’s finances are a very personal thing. Many close friends don’t talk about money amongst themselves. Such conversations can be viewed as crass.

At Guide our business is helping people achieve their financial goals. We’re your financial cheer squad and leveller. We bring the benefit of perspective, experience and sound advice to your situation as you go through major changes.

We’ve experienced the highs and lows of life through the myriad of situations we’ve encountered with our clients. From buying their first home, getting married, building families, growing businesses and retiring, to the range of struggles that can complicate a clients’ journey.

Some of these experiences usually happen only once in a lifetime, but in our role as financial advisers we manage these situations on a regular basis.

In short, we understand the impact good impartial financial advice can make. You will be in the best of hands with our team. We have the experience and technical capability to assist in setting financial goals and providing financial certainty for your journey.

Make the best of every opportunity, year after year, whilst knowing Guide Financial is alongside you every step of the way.

I found all the people at Guide Financial to be very easy and confident in their field of expertise, which is very assuring when it comes to your hard earned money. Marc and Bradley have come a long way in their business, and this is due to their good business ethic.


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