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We are with you on your journey

A Trusted Financial Planner on the Sunshine Coast

Guide Financial is a Sunshine Coast-based financial planner committed to ‘being with you on the journey’. We’re a financial services firm that’s been delivering solutions to clients since 1994. We are owned and operated by advisers, Marc Venter and Bradley Wall, both degree qualified, Certified Financial Planners®, and representatives of the Australian Advice Network.

Marc and Bradley are supported by a team of eight qualified staff, all with many years’ experience in various aspects of financial services. Guide Financial is passionate about helping clients achieve a financial journey that is in the right direction and on-track.

We provide tailored advice and individual solutions in:

  • Portfolio Management

  • Cashflow Advice

  • Retirement Planning

  • Insurance

  • Lending

  • Goal setting and more

We aim to always ensure our clients’ financial affairs are performing to the best of their ability, with as minimal outlay as possible. Our clients are rewarded with the confidence of knowing their financial roadmap is simple, clear and healthy. With things taken care of, you can relax about your financial future.

For more information on Guide Financial, download our latest brochure HERE.

As a Financial Planner on the Sunshine Coast we offer these Key Advantages:

  • Non-aligned
    We’re not aligned with any banks or financial institutions so we have to thoroughly research the market to judiciously seek out the best available products, relationships and suppliers. By providing our own recommendations we are highly vested in their outcomes.

  • Over 25 years on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast
    We’re established and successful and have seen enough financial market changes to guide people with care and understanding. As a long-term Sunshine Coast Financial Adviser, we know the nuances of the Sunshine Coast market and its investment history and potential.
  • Goal setting and relationships
    Our business relies on us establishing trustworthy relationships. We do this by taking the time to get to know our clients, what their goals, dreams and hopes are – and how we can work together to establish a financial plan with appropriate outcomes to achieve these securely and in a timely manner.

  • Results
    While setting out a plan and implementing it are core to achieving a great financial roadmap for you, what is even more critical is us getting results. We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve great success in establishing goals, setting up cashflow budgets, growing investments and savings, accumulating retirement funds, sourcing suitable lending packages, handling insurance claims and more.

We like to think we’re the Sunshine Coast’s most friendly and committed financial service team.

We’d love to be your guide to a confident financial future. Call us today for a confidential chat on 07 5443 1600.

Guide Financial is a proud member of the following associations:

What Guides Us?

Whilst we are privileged to guide you, our vision, mission and values guide us.

Our vision is ‘financial certainty’. We want to improve your today, and tomorrow, as we guide you towards financial certainty.

Our mission is ‘getting you there’. To empower our clients to live a better tomorrow by guiding their financial choices, implementing robust financial plans and enabling healthy financial futures.

Collectively, we value:

  • Relationships – we build mutually rewarding relationships for the long term

  • Enthusiasm – we tackle our work with energy and enjoyment

  • Trust – we build and maintain trust in our performance

  • Balance – we are committed to creating balance in our work and personal lives

We are ready to be your Sunshine Coast Financial Planner.

COVID-19 has seen a huge growth in the number of people moving to South East Queensland. If you are new to the Sunshine Coast, wanting to sure up your financial future or plan your retirement, Guide Financial has the experience, track record and local knowledge to help. Get in touch today!

Charities we Support

Part of being a community is supporting others, and at Guide Financial, we believe in helping where we can.

Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club

The Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club was established in 1924. Since then we have continued to provide vital lifesaving services to the community. We also provide a variety of food and beverage options and what better place to have a meal than next to the beach.

The Board Meeting Surf Charity

The Board Meeting Surf Charity was started in 2005 by surfers looking to helping Sunshine Coast kids with disabilities.

Neil Evans Melanoma Foundation

Neil Evans Melanoma Foundation : Make a donation today to support Neil Evans Melanoma Foundation.

Our experience in all our dealings with everyone at Guide Financial over the past several months has more than exceeded our expectations! Everyone has gone above and beyond!

Thank you all, and we feel very much secure in your hands helping us to achieve our financial objectives.

It was therefore very easy for us to recommend our friend to Guide Financial after recently catching up with him and relaying the wonderful journey we’ve had so far. I’m really pleased he got in touch!

Allan & Lara

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