Portfolio Management

Investing your money in unique portfolios to achieve your goals

Portfolio Management — Experience, Results

Portfolio Management is one of our specialities at Guide Financial. As each client’s goals and objectives are different, it makes sense that each portfolio should be individualised to meet personal needs.

After we have ascertained your goals and objectives , we determine:

  • how much money you will need from your investments within the next few years (in particular retirees drawing an income stream),

  • how much you will need for big ticket expenses within the next five years such as home renovations, overseas trips, children’s education, etc.

At the centre of your asset allocation is your long-term goal. From here, we look at your risk tolerance as well as capacity to take risk and then formulate a strategy for how and where you should invest your capital (generally referred to as asset allocation).

Portfolio Management – The Guide Financial Way

Guide Financial’s process for managing client portfolios is sound and disciplined. Our financial advisers focus on ensuring portfolios are managed professionally for both growth and capital preservation.

Experience & Access
Having been involved in portfolio management for over two decades, we’ve built a reputation for being thorough, identifying opportunities and establishing connections with other trusted financial firms. This gives us access to insights and research from some of the world’s most renowned investment analysts such as Morningstar, Vanguard and Perpetual. It also enables us to offer to our clients economic analysis from highly regarded financial specialists.

Clients have the option of being as involved as they want to be in their financial affairs. Or they can sit back and spend their time on the things they enjoy rather than worrying about their money.

Larger Investment Universe
Being part of the Australian Advice Network financial licence means we have a much larger investment universe of portfolio options, including international shares property and exciting sustainable offerings. Importantly the investment scope and quality that we offer through our office here on the Sunshine Coast is on par with what you will receive from firms in Sydney’s Bond Street.

Best of Breed & Choice
The diversified investment platform we use allows for unbundled options and the ability to source ‘best of breed’ assets to create a tailored and individualised portfolio. Many other providers do not have this ability because they don’t have this degree of flexibility. They either have to choose among fund types or have an inherent bias to include their proprietary investment solutions in their portfolio models. With the Guide Financial way, we can talk to you about every asset in your portfolio and why it has been chosen.

Power of Cooperation
Due to the value of combined funds under management by AAN, we have been able to negotiate greater discounts on portfolio management costs charged by suppliers. As AAN grows, so does the bargaining power, and the negotiated discounts. We recognise that those discounts are made possible by our client’s pooled investments and pass those negotiated discounts straight to clients through lower fees. Now that is unique!

Share Portfolios

Managed well, shares can provide beneficial growth assets to boost wealth or income as part of a retirement strategy.

Guide financial clients hold a broad range of quality shares in their portfolios that we manage. Having said this, Guide Financial is not a stockbroking firm. Most recommended portfolios are through Separately Managed Accounts which have the advantages of direct share portfolios without the same level of administration burden. We have a variety of clients that hold a portion of their portfolio in direct shares as ‘satellite’ investments to complement their core investment strategy.

Guide Financial can advise on the most suitable approach to managing your share portfolio (online low-cost trading account, a broker or a fully managed direct share portfolio). We can work with you to identify your share portfolio objective – be it to deliver income, or growth or both – and can provide broad share guidance based on your objectives, including sustainable investments.

I found all the people at Guide Financial to be very easy and confident in their field of expertise, which is very assuring when it comes to your hard earned money. Marc and Bradley have come a long way in their business, and this is due to their good business ethic.


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