Your Guide

We lead you today to improve your tomorrow

How we work

When travelling to a new destination you may engage the services of a local guide to inform you of worthwhile experiences, planning the best itinerary based on your interests. Your guide would also warn you of any dangers, organise the logistics for you and accompany you during your stay to meet your needs. This is what we do for your financial journey in life.


The journey we plan consists of the strategies that provide the best opportunity for you to experience those things important to you. Guide Financial don’t just invest your money; our primary role is to show you what you can do with your money.

Identify Dangers

Your financial journey can have even greater dangers than any holiday you plan. Before you make a significant financial decision we provide the accountability and perspective on how it will impact your overall position.

It is not just the actions and decisions that we help you make, it is the actions and decisions that we help you avoid that are just as powerful.

Manage Logistics

Life is complex. Your financial affairs are probably more complicated than they need to be to achieve your goals and have diversification. We simplify your financial life and take care of the logistics in the background so you can spend more time enjoying the scenery on your journey.

We remain on the journey encouraging you to refocus on what is important to you and know your direction.

Brad has given Donna and myself advice for a long period of time and we have transitioned through various situations to be in a positive space with a real and achievable retirement plan. Brad is always able to explain things to us in a clear way. Through Brad’s knowledge and experience, we feel very confident that the advice given is right for our needs. We receive Brad’s full care and attention when needed. Brad has worked to build an open, transparent and trusting working relationship with us and understands us, our needs and our goals.


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