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Mortgage Broker Sunshine Coast

As a Mortgage Broker on the Sunshine Coast, our experienced lending staff can save you time, stress and money when purchasing your home or investment property.

Whether it’s your first home, renovation, upgrade or an investment portfolio property, our staff will work with you to understand your requirements and future plans, then work on your behalf with our loan providers to secure the best mortgage deal for you!

Working with over 50 financial institutions day in and day out, and hundreds of home loan clients, we’re up to date with the latest home loan package inclusions, the pros and cons of each, and how to structure a loan that best suits your requirements.

At Guide Financial it’s not just about getting a loan — it’s about getting the right loan. Unlike some mortgage brokers, you are not a sales target to us. This is YOUR LIFE and WE CARE. Our whole business as a mortgage broker and financial adviser is based on providing clients with the best advice to reach their financial goals.

As part of our care factor, we’ve put together a 10 Step Loan process guide so you know what to expect when applying for a mortgage.

The Advantages of using Guide as your Sunshine Coast Mortgage Broker

We will help you open the door to your dream property and save you stress, time and money.

  • Stress
    Guide Financial will save you the stress of having to negotiate the decision-making process alone. We’ll also save you the stress that comes from not having in-depth knowledge and experience of the lending process or markets.

  • Time
    We’ll save you time by doing all of the detailed work for you. We know the steps, the systems and the processes and can ensure you application falls well within your settlement timeframes.

  • Money
    Ultimately, Guide Financial could save you thousands of dollars on mortgage repayments over the course of your loan — with no more cost than dealing directly with just one bank. And you don’t have to pay us a fee for to provide mortgage advice and coordination. The successful mortgage lender pays us a commission. Their rates are all very similar, so it’s not an issue for us who you go with — we won’t recommend a lender because it’s to our financial advantage. We’ll recommend a lender because it’s to YOUR financial advantage.

Guide Financial is a member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia. We provide Lending services as credit representatives of Centrepoint Lending Solutions Pty Ltd  Australian Credit Licence 377711.


You’re making one of the biggest decisions of your life – make it count!

Purchasing a home or investment property is often one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Guide Financial can assist in calculating how much equity you have available and how this loan will impact your overall financial position. We’ll also guide you through the pre-lending steps such as:

  • A loan preapproval
    Lenders can take some time to approve a loan, we wouldn’t want this to cause you to miss out. This allows for more favourable contract terms that will appeal to the seller.
  • Know what you want
    Think about exactly what you want and research the market prices so that when the right one comes up you are ready to jump on it.
  • Have your finances in order
    A loan can still be obtained outside the below parameters, but lenders are ideally looking for the following:

    • Reliable income: preferably loan repayments will be under 30% of your total income.
    • Savings: 20% of property price in assets (cash and/or existing property). This will make it easier to get a lower interest rate and save you the cost of Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)*.

* Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) could cost over $10,000 on a home loan of $500,000 for which you’ve saved a $50,000 deposit. The cost depends on the value of your debt compared to your overall assets.

Want to work with a Sunshine Coast Mortgage Broker you feel comfortable with?


Is the prospect of getting a home loan a little daunting?

We will hold your hand through the process.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you know how your current equity can help you?
  • What are the minimum repayments based on financial modelling?
  • If purchasing a rental investment, what is the benchmark rental income you will need to achieve?

Related purchase costs should be considered and factored in when calculating your required deposit amount.

Guide Financial can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the estimated costs based on your individual circumstances. Some of these include:

  • Conveyancer’s fees
  • Land titles registration fees (and other search fees)
  • Stamp duty. (See our calculators for owner occupied and investor scenarios or this handy government page.)
  • Any discounts that may apply (e.g. for first homeowners)

We’re more than just a Mortgage Broker

Guide Financial has been a mortgage broker on the Sunshine Coast for 15 years and a financial advisor for over 25 years.

Aside from home loans, we also provide lending for rural properties, equipment, vehicles, property development and more.

As we are financial advisers, we can advise on how best to structure your loans to your financial and tax advantage, with your long-term financial goals.

Get in touch today to see how we can assist with mortgage help and financial advice.

I found all the people at Guide Financial to be very easy and confident in their field of expertise, which is very assuring when it comes to your hard earned money. Marc and Bradley have come a long way in their business, and this is due to their good business ethic.


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