Marc Venter

Bach. Business, Advanced Dip Financial Planning, Certified Financial Planner

Senior Adviser, Partner and Director of Guide Financial

Marc Venter

Bach. Business, Advanced Dip Financial Planning,
Certified Financial Planner

Senior Adviser, Partner and
Director of Guide Financial

Marc has worked with Guide financial for over 20 years, having joined Bradley in the business in 2003. They complemented each other’s skill sets so neatly Marc became a business partner five years later and the rest, as they say, is history. Their shared love of golf cemented the partnership. Marc has the highest accreditation one can hold in the financial planning industry, that of Certified Financial Planner (which requires a number of qualifications).

An avid sportsman, Marc had intended on a career managing sports professionals but became interested in the financial advice industry when he had a glimpse of the career options when his wife (who also works with Guide Financial) started working and studying in the industry. This inspired Marc to start studying financial planning. After a few years working with another firm he moved back home to the Sunshine Coast and took a position with Guide Financial. He has continued this journey of financial learning ever since. Marc’s naturally introverted nature allows him to immerse himself in depth in a clients’ position to craft strategies and plans that truly reflect clients core values and aspirations.

In 2015 Marc, through Guid,e helped to create our own financial services licence, Australian Advice Network, comprised of a select cooperative network of financial planners. He is also a member of the Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA).

Marc also holds lending accreditation to enable him to assist with any lending needs our clients have (Credit Representative Number 380222).

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His Best Financial Advice

“Start early on a financial plan and get advice from a professional.” Marc credits his father as being a wonderful role-model with his work ethic and desire to provide for his family.

Rewarding Work

Marc believes what makes a great business – and what is paramount to Guide Financial – is providing great service.

For Marc, that great service is at every step along the financial journey for each client. What he finds particularly rewarding with the work Guide does, is the relief on clients’ faces as they move into retirement. “When we run the numbers for them to show them that they will be financially okay, and will be able to enjoy retirement, that’s the fist-pump moment. That’s what they – and we – have been working towards.”

And on the Personal Side

Marc’s most important value is family. Going on holidays as a family with his wife, Tammy, and two teenage children, and enjoying downtime is a major priority in his life.

His favourite downtime activities include golf, snowboarding, watching kids play sport and watching sport in general.

His favourite animal is ‘man’s best friend,’ the loyal dog. He has a chocolate border collie at home that has the same love of adventure as the rest of the family.