Kelly McRae

Bach. Business (Accounting)

Advisors Associate

Kelly McRae

Bach. Business (Accounting), Post Grad Dip in Financial Planning

Client Service Officer

Kelly has been working with Guide Financial since 2018 and her experience in the financial services industry is approaching 20 years (she started in 2005). Her clients benefit from the considerable experience she brings to her client service role.

With a passion for growth both professionally and personally, Kelly is disciplined, rising at the crack of dawn for a workout before the family rises. Professionally, she has also been disciplined at completing all work set for her and approaching everything with a growth mindset. Her work covers the ongoing service management for a range of clients.

The current drive for Kelly is to develop her technical skills in paraplanning (which involves the background financial projections and research to write up comprehensive and compliant financial advice documents). With her accounting and other skills, she is one of our go-to staff people when it comes to crunching the numbers around savings, retirement planning and other key financial goals.

Her Best Financial Advice

“Make the most out of any situation, don’t waste your time complaining as we all know life is too short!”

Rewarding Work

After four years with Guide Financial, Kelly has can hand on heart say: “We are part of an amazing team at Guide, our culture flows through to our client experiences – and we are all responsible for creating a great culture and client experience.”

The work that Kelly find particularly rewarding at Guide is helping clients navigate the process of moving into retirement as they move into a new phase of life. “It’s gratifying to be able to streamline what we can and remove as many complexities as possible, whether that be with setting up their superannuation and pension accounts, or assistance with Centrelink.”

And on the Personal Side

Curiosity and the drive to learn new things are what Kelly values the most – something she tries to instil in her three boys.

With that attitude, they’ve had a lot of fun over the years and rarely a dull moment.

To relax, Kelly enjoys time at the beach swimming and surfing and watching the ospreys fly overhead looking for their next meal.