Clair Robinson

Client Service Officer

Clair Robinson

Client Service Officer / Receptionist

Clair recently joined our team in 2022 and was chosen because of her open and welcoming nature. This is the reception we want for our clients in all communications, and we are sure Clair will do everything in her power to assist you.

Previously, Clair has built her customer service skills through a decade-long career in the employment industry. She has slipped easily into our team and has taken to her duties with a positive, professional and studious attitude. Clair is enjoying getting to know our clients and hearing about the journey they have had since using the services at Guide Financial. In the background Clair also undertakes a myriad of tasks to keep the office running smoothly. A very important role indeed.

Her Best Financial Advice

“Always set financial goals.” If you don’t have a goal you are unlikely to achieve it.

Rewarding Work

Since joining Guide, Clair has found a small team of dedicated and knowledgeable people that pulls together to deliver end to end financial strategies for clients. For her this is valued as the positive teamwork is not something you come across every day.

And on the Personal Side

Clair values family and friends, and enjoying sun and beach filled days with them.

Clair is a true local, living on the coast since she was 12 years old. Her favourite beach is Maroochydore.

Swimming is her favourite downtime activity, at the beach in the surf when she can. She finds it fresh and calm, with a great sense of freedom.

Little wonder dolphins are her favourite animal. “They seem happy and at peace in the ocean”. However she is also a lover of cats and dogs. “Cats don’t have a care in the world. Dogs are loyal and happy. Animals can inspire us so much.”