Christine Hawking

Client Service Officer

Christine Hawking

Client Service Officer

Christine has been assisting Guide Financial clients on their financial journey since 2015. Her attention to detail and background of almost twenty years’ practical financial planning industry experience are an asset to our firm.

Christine takes administrative responsibility for a dedicated collection of clients. In her role as a Client Services Officer (CSO), Chris works in the background keeping our clients’ financial ducks in a line by managing their file and all the related interactions and administration.

Her work covers preparation, background, and ongoing service management for a range of clients. This includes preparing for reviews, doing post appointment summaries, implementing any strategies following our appointment or annual review, and sourcing any outstanding information required in order to set up various financial plan elements.

Her Best Advice

“Life is like a camera – focus on what is important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, take another shot!”

Rewarding Work

Christine finds it rewarding to make clients’ experience easier and less stressful whilst still achieving the desired outcome. Whether it is improving processes internally to make it easier for clients or finding ways to minimise the impact on a client in regards to paperwork (through electronic signing or even dropping paperwork to a client’s house).

Chris is committed to Guide Financial because the culture values teamwork and clients. “Clients dreams and goals are up on the board and it’s a great sense of achievement knowing you’ve helped clients achieve some key long-term goals, which could be putting a pool in or having a big overseas trip or buying another property.” Chris also values that Guide Financial is a progressive organisation that enables flexible work options.

And on the Personal Side

Christine values friends who are like family and are always there for you.

Her favourite local escape is a day trip to Double Island Point, exploring the rock pools with the family, camping, exploring the amazing place we live.

When she has some downtime, Christine enjoys losing herself in a good novel (especially from the fantasy genre) that can transport her into that world and become absorbed by the story.

Ever since Christine was a young girl, she’s loved horses and also large dog breeds. “They are loyal and there for you no matter what. They give you unconditional love and make you laugh (and cry sometimes!)”