The Guide Difference

A simpler, more informed life

We fight for your best interests

In managing your finances we consider it our job to proactively fight for your best interests with all the parties we work with on your behalf. We remain your advocate through hardships to get matters sorted and place you back on track.

Being your advocate is a diverse role including:

  • resolving the best strategies available to achieve your outcomes

  • ensuring you are not charged for something you shouldn’t be

  • negotiating the best rates

  • minimising your exclusions or loadings

  • managing prompt and equitable claims payments

The result. The financial and time savings are significant but more important is the financial certainty we provide without any of the risks or complications you don’t need.

We manage your complexities

A superior tomorrow is best achieved with the combined wisdom of many. Ken Blanchard put it ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’.

The strength of your relationship with your financial adviser is the unified power of many behind the guidance we provide. Whether it is bringing together the skills within our team or through our network of contacts. We coordinate each party to complete their part in fulfilling your needs at an exceptional standard in line with your bigger plan.

Your financial journey needs to be coordinated with others on your team of professional advisers to ensure we are all working in unity to achieve the outcomes important to you. We work with your existing accountants or solicitors and also have our own trusted professional networks to draw on the knowledge of others as required for your situation.

The result. A simpler, more informed life with your affairs managed for your unified purpose. As they say we help you ‘get all your ducks in a row’.

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We had a great session with Brad yesterday going through our goals and financial plans for the future. It was inspiring stuff and Brad made it really easy for us to comprehend.

David, Brisbane

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